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  • david bytheway


    -FIWC Grand Finalist

    -2 Time Virgin Gaming Finalist

    -Countless I-Series Apearances

    Red Bull | FIFA | Wired

  • Tom FIFA


    -Top Ranked UK Player

    -2 Time Virgin Gaming Finalist

    -1st place finishes in EGL3, EGL8, EGL10

About this Guide

The best players in the world have thrown out everything they knew about FIFA. No more skill moves, no crosses, and no traditional corner kicks. They have replaced it with the tools that are in The Premier FIFA 15 Guide.

Premier FIFA 15 Guide

You Will Learn

    • How to win!
    • How to score more goals
    • Everything from basics to tricks
    • Tactics for how to beat your friends
    • A complete overview of how to set-up your team
    • When to jockey vs contain
    • How to master the new first touch control
    • Techniques for creating more space
    • How to cross dangerously into the box
    • How to improve your skills
    • All of this and more in the FIFA 15 Guide


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