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Top Ranked FIFA 14 Players By Position

Dave Bytheway
Dave Bytheway

A top ranked FIFA pro gamer. Grand FIWC finalist.
Top Ranked FIFA 14 Players By Position
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Continuing our list of the top ranked FIFA player broken down by each position. The second part of this series explores the best option to play in your midfield, a vital aspect of FIFA 14.

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Schweinsteiger top ranked CDM

Highest Rated – Bastian Schweinsteiger

The best CDM’s in FIFA 13 are currently Yaya Toure and Sergio Busquets. Schweinsteiger is actually a CM but I think he’ll be changed to a CDM in FIFA 14. If this is the case, I think Schweinsteiger will be highest rated with Yaya Toure close behind. Schweinsteiger is currently rated at an 88 and Toure an 86, I think both ratings will stay the same or maybe Toure will go up one.

Pro Choice – Yaya Toure

Yaya Toure will always be my first choice CDM. He has the height and strength along with a bit of pace, making him the perfect CDM.


Top rated CM FIFA Iniesta

Highest Rated – Andres Iniesta

Just like right back, the highest rated CM’s are easy to pick out, the obvious choices being Xavi and Iniesta. I like to think of Iniesta being a CAM though so taking him out, I would say Pirlo is the next best. As for the next FIFA, I don’t think there will be many challengers. Barcelona did not have the best of seasons and because of his age, I expect Xavi to drop a rating or two. Iniesta however should stay the same, having another exceptional season for both club and country. I expect Xavi to be rated at about an 89 with Iniesta staying rated 90.

Pro Choice – Andres Iniesta

So far I have usually picked people who are not the highest rated but this time, I am going with the highest rated player. Many formations do not use CM’s, which is why I have not developed a different  favorite.


Top Ranked CAM Silva

Highest Rated – David Silva

As I said above, I see Iniesta as more of a CAM than CM but I already listed him as the highest rated CM so I will choose someone else. The best CAM’s are currently David Silva and Ozil, however there are quite a few competitors now. Ozil and Silva had pretty average seasons compared to their high standards. The likes of Gotze and Mata are already highly rated, and are likely to improve because they had great seasons. I still think Silva will be the highest rated CAM, with his rating being around the 87 mark.

Pro Choice – Mesut Ozil

I like to play CAM’s who have great agility, passing ability and shooting skills so that I can quickly turn when I need to, play killer through balls and score from around the edge of the box. The player who does this the best is Ozil.

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  1. Useful notes will definetly help in selecting the team. FIFA 15 is also just round the corner and i am very excited about it.

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