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Top Ranked FIFA 14 Players By Position

Dave Bytheway
Dave Bytheway

A top ranked FIFA pro gamer. Grand FIWC finalist.
Top Ranked FIFA 14 Players By Position
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This is a list of the best players in each position in FIFA 14. The rankings are broken down by players I think will be the highest rated in FIFA 14 and those that will be best to use on your squad in each position.

UPDATE: This post has been updated for FIFA 15 ->

Starting with the Goalkeeper:

Neuer FIFA 14

Highest Rated – Manuel Neuer

I think Manuel Neuer will be the highest rated goalkeeper on the next FIFA. He’s already close in this FIFA and with FIFA 14, I don’t think it will even be a challenge. After a treble winning season, it’s highly unlikely that he will drop in ratings so I think he will be the highest rated keeper around 88-90.

Pro Choice – Manuel Neuer

I have no doubt that Manuel Neuer will be my choice in the next FIFA. He’s already my choice on the current FIFA and I can only see him getting better, he’s definitely my first choice for FIFA 14.

Left Back:


Highest Rated – Marcelo

Compared to every other position, the left backs are the lowest rated. It’s hard to say who’s going to be the highest rated as not many players had stand out seasons. In the current FIFA without any squad updates, Ashley Cole is the highest rated at an 84. I really doubt that he’ll be the highest rated in FIFA 14 because he had a very average season and is also aging.

I think it’s going to be very close between Leighton Baines and Marcelo. Both had very good seasons but I think if one of them is to have a higher rating I think it will be Marcelo rating around an 84.

Clichy top ranked Left back fifa 14

Pro Choice – Gael Clichy

My choice would be Clichy. His pace and tackling ability is what does it for me. His pace gives him a slight edge over the likes of Alba and Baines but his height is the true deciding factor over Marcelo. Height and pace are the most important combination for a defender and Clichy has both attributes, making him my choice for FIFA 14.

Centre Backs:

Top Ranked FIFA Kompany

Highest Rated – Vincent Kompany

Probably the most important position on the pitch, you’re going to need the best at the heart of your defense.  Choosing the best CB is difficult with so few to choose from. The likes of Vidic, Thiago Silva, Sergio Ramos, Gerard Pique, Chiellini and Vincent Kompany are all the best in FIFA 13. In FIFA 14, I think the two highest rated centre backs will be Vincent Kompany and Sergio Ramos with Chiellini close behind.  The three of them will most likely be rated around 86-87, so not much of an improvement from what they already are.

Sergio Ramos Top Ranked

Pro Choice – Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is always first choice and will continue to be in FIFA 14. He is fast, strong, and tall which is everything a good centre backs needs. I would choose Chiellini to partner him. He has the same attributes as Ramos and I suspect he will even improve some in FIFA 14.

Right Back:

Lahm FIFA 14 Right Back

Highest Rated – Philipp Lahm

Right back is probably the easiest position to choose. Philipp Lahm is easily the highest rated player in the current FIFA and the next one too. After having an excellent season with Bayern Munich, there is no way his ratings will drop. Lahm’s closest rival is Dani Alves, who is a full 3 points below him. Lahm is currently rated at 87 and you can probably expect him to stay at that rating.

Dani Alves Top Ranked Right Back

Pro Choice – Dani Alves

This could be a bit obvious but my choice would be Dani Alves. The only thing giving him the edge over Lahm is his pace. A lot of people complain about the pace of Alves so his pace may be taken down some, but if it is taken down I don’t think it will be by a lot.

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  1. Useful notes will definetly help in selecting the team. FIFA 15 is also just round the corner and i am very excited about it.

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