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Top 5 International Teams in FIFA 14

FIFA 14 Spain
Dave Bytheway
Dave Bytheway

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Top 5 International Teams in FIFA 14
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3. Spain

Many people probably thought Spain would be number 1 ranked but they will be far from the best team to use in FIFA 14. They have the exact same problem as Barcelona, not a good enough balance.

As I said in top 5 clubs in FIFA 14, I think Casillias will still be one of the best keepers in the game despite dropping slightly.

Their defense consists of half Barcelona and half Madrid but still not good enough. They have strength and height but not enough pace. Jordi Alba will improve because he is very quick but he will still lack strength and height. Arbeloa, Pique, and Ramos make up a decent defense but it is certainly not the best.

FIFA 14 Spain

With a midfield of Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Fabregas, Silva, Mata, Martinez, Navas, Cazorla – Your guess is as good as mine. The problem with Spain’s midfield is most of the players are pretty much the same. Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas, Mata, Silva and Cazorla all do the same job. I can see Xavi dropping in ratings because of his age in FIFA 14. This opens up a gap for someone like Mata who will surely improve.

Out of Pedro, Torres, and Llorente, the biggest threat is Llorente because of his height and strength. Its hard to predict how good these 3 will be in FIFA 14. Pedro is quick but doesn’t have the strength to cut it, and Torres is well… extremely average. If Llorente’s move to Juventus is a success I can see him improving in FIFA 14 which could turn Spain into a serious threat.

2. Germany

FIFA 14 Germany

Germany always produces world class talent but it seems like they’re nearing a golden generation rivalling Spain. I think they are a genuine threat in FIFA 14 and could well be one of the most used teams in the game.

Neuer is already one of highest rated keepers in FIFA.  If he’s not the highest rated keeper in FIFA 14, I will be very surprised.

Their defense consisting of Lahm, Hummels, Badstuber, and Boateng is strong but lacking in pace. It is Germany’s primary weakness.

Good luck picking 4 midfielders out of the German’s insane Midfield. Between Bastian Schweinsteiger, Özil, Kroos, Schürrle, Gündoğan, Götze, and Reus, they have pace, strength, height and agility. Ozil, Gotze and Kroos are all top class CAM’s with excellent passing skills. I think Gotze and Kroos will improve because they are both young and had good seasons. Gundogan is one of the best CDM’s on the game and would be one of my first choices if I had a dream ultimate team. He’s got great pace, strength and tackling abilities, the perfect combination for a centre defensive midfielder. Marco Reus and Andre Schurrle both have great pace which make them very good wingers.

The first choice striker for Germany will be Muller, because he’s got pace that Gomez and Klose do not possess. Klose is well known for being good in the air so if your game uses crossing then he might be a good choice.

1. Brazil

FIFA 14 Brazil

Hands down, Brazil will be the best team in FIFA 14. With the likes of Neymar, Lucas, and Oscar they have a young team which is only improving.

Julio Cesar isn’t too bad in FIFA. He’s not the best keeper in the game but he’s definitely a worthy keeper. He got relegated with QPR but a move to a top team looks close so I can’t see it affecting his rating.

Brazil’s defense is going to be incredible. Similar to Italy, they also have a near perfect balance. The full backs have the pace and strength coupled with the centre back’s strength and height. Dante and Marcelo are likely to improve as they both had great club seasons. Thiago Silva and Dani Alves didn’t exactly have bad seasons either so I don’t expect them to change in rating.

The midfield has a nice balance with Paulinho, Gustavo, Oscar, Lucas, and Hernanes. Ratings wise, it is not the best but in FIFA it is not always about the ratings. It is about what qualities they bring to a position, this is why we get so many professional FIFA players, utilizing people out of position. Luiz Gustavo and Paulinho are two good CDM’s because they are tall, strong and have a bit of pace. Oscar will be a great CAM and I think he’s going to improve a lot in FIFA 14 after his incredible season for both Brazil and Chelsea. Lucas, just like Oscar, is young and had a good season. Whether he will improve or not is a different story but even if he doesn’t, he is still an important player to have.

Neymar, Lucas and Oscar fill the RAM, LAM and CAM positions and can also play anywhere in attack. Neymar and Lucas already have lightning pace and incredible agility whereas Oscar has the passing abilities with the agility too. Hulk is a great striker to have as he is quick, strong, and tall. I’d be very surprised if his rating changes for the next FIFA but it does not need to because he is already good enough.

21 thoughts on “Top 5 International Teams in FIFA 14

  1. In the defense Lanzini, Iturbe, Icardi, Lucas Ocampos (biggest talent), Luciano Vietto, Paulo Dybala, Sergio Araujo, Nahuel Guzmán, López Lisandro = They are just young but in my opinion, one day they will be great stars if they get now a chance to play for argentina!

    And whats about: Otamendi, Ansaldi (he’s fast), Pastore (good playmaker and has good passing abilities), Gaitan ( is also fast can plays RAM or LAM with DiMaria), or Salvio, Tevez, and maybe Rodrigo Palacio and Clemente Rodríguez. The problem is the defense and the midfield, because they are too slow and the players are not as good skilled like mascherano or dimaria, but argentina has good players.

  2. I understand they have a lot of young talent but this was based on the now and who I think will be best to play there

  3. i this tornament won the brazil bcoz its is always strong contender in fifa this time they have home advandge nd strong ateck…………..,,,,,,,,,,>>>>>>>>>>

    1. They are too cocky, I think they are amazingly talented but are going to crack like they did against chile and won’t be lucky enough to win again in penalties. Plus their only strength is attack, strong team will stop their offense and beat them i.e. Germany, Belgium, and even uraguay.

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