FIFA 14 Shooting Tutorial - Aiming Far Post
Posted Dec 02, 2013
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FIFA 14 Shooting Tutorial - Aiming Far Post
Ovidiu Patrascu
Ovidiu Patrascu
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In a scoring opportunity, there are many different ways to put the ball in the back of the net. In year’s past, shooting at the near post was overpowered. However, this year if you can shoot at the far post then your shots will be more effective. We’ll be using Real Madrid (one of the fastest teams in FIFA 14) in this tutorial. Continue reading below as we take you step by step through the FIFA 14 shooting tutorial of aiming at the far post.

Tutorial Breakdown

Left Right Shooting Far Post

Step 1 – Putting the ball on the dominant foot

For this shooting tutorial you will need shoot with the dominant foot of your player. Gareth Bale has a stronger left foot and that is why he is lined up on the left side of the box and shoots at the far post.  Ronaldo and Benzema has a stronger right foot and that is why they are positioned to strike the ball on the right. Angling the shot is more complicated. If you do not have an optimal angle then you will need to aim at a 90 degree angle compared to the direction of your player. For both pictures in this FIFA 14 shooting tutorial the ball should be aimed down.

FIFA 14 Power Shot

Step 2 – Powering up the shot

For the shot, you need the power bar to be less than 2 bars. You can just lightly tap the shot button to have the power bar at the same level above. Going over 2 bars on the power meter causes the ball to go wide of the net.

Missed Shot rebound

Step 3 – Getting the rebound

Another advantage of shooting at the far post is even if the goalkeeper saves the ball in many cases you will get the rebound and eventually score (as you can see in the last action from this tutorial). Keep aiming at the far post and you will see results.

This is a follow-up to my crossing tutorial for FIFA 14, let me know what you think of this FIFA 14 Shooting Tutorial in the comments below.

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  • Ovvy obviously scores

    j. Gattuso on December 2, 2013   1:06 am
  • I’m having a hard time getting the ball in the goal. Thanks Ovvy. This is great!

    James Sarety on December 2, 2013   1:01 am
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