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Mike Labelle-
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David Bytheway -
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Tom Stokes -
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  • Last Updated: August 26, 2014
  • Digital Guide: 94 pages
  • Chapter 1: New Features
  • Chapter 2: Pre-Match Set-Up
  • Chapter 3: Basic Controls
  • Chapter 4: Defensive Controls
  • Chapter 5: Secrets To Skill Moves
  • Chapter 6: How To Score
  • Chapter 7: Tactics
  • Chapter 8: Top 5 Players
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    No more searching through paragraphs of fluff, we are going to give you situational analysis for every aspect of the game.

    PRO TIP: These strategies really work!
    Breakdowns of the top 5 teams that Pro players are using to win tournaments. As well as the best formations to use and even the strategies to beat those formations. Find out exactly how the pros put themselves in the best position to win before the game is even played.
    Included with the guide is a "One-Pager" with all the most important tips you need to win. You can print out the "One-Pager" and have access to the tips anywhere you are playing. The "One-Pager" references what teams, skill moves, formations, and in game tactics to use to absolutely destroy your opponent.
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Some of the stuff in it is pure gold! Thank you for making this guide and making me so much better at FIFA, my friends really are jealous of me.
-Bob G.
England, United Kingdom
I have now read the whole guide with great, great satisfaction. Again thanks a lot for your help. Appreciate it much.
-Brian L.
After reading just ONE page of this amazing guide, I was playing 100% better. I can't wait to dig into the rest!
- Scott
Hollywood, California
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